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Ways Of Effective Penis Enlargement

There're many men who would like to have a bigger penis. Even males with standard-sized penises are worried if their organs are long enough for their beloved partners. Today we're going to review the main ways of enlargement penises and interest facts about them. Generally, these methods are divided into surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Surgical penis enhancement facts:

Penile-lengthening surgery was first introduced in 1971 and was mainlu used for men who suffered from severe penis shortening because of congenital abnormalities, surgery (for cancer or some disease) or amputation (accidental or deliberate). However, techniques for cosmetic enlargement were presented in 1990. At that period of time more than 10,000 men had this surgery. Unfortunately, there's no reliable information about the results and possible complications of these surgeries. Nevertheless, the number of men being operated really impresses.

Surgery can significantly increase the penis - by over an inch. Usually the surgeon cuts the ligaments around the base of the penis making it descend. After the ligament is cut, the male organ becomes longer because a greater part of it hangs outside the body. The only disadvantage of this surgery is that the penis gets an odd position especially when erected. This happens due to the greater weight outside the body, but this unusual angle of erection can often embarrass the woman. Further, the patient is recommended to use special weights, or stretching devices to get a permanent size.

The two techniques include the usage of the increasing penile girth:

- Injection of liposuctioned fat that is usually taken from the abdominal wall or thighs under the skin of the penile shaft.

- Placing grafts of dermis (tissue taken from under the skin surface that has a great number of blood vessels) and fat within the penile shaft.

Unfortunately, both of these methods can have negative effects. First of all, about 90% of the fat can disappear in less than a year. On the other hand, grafts prove to bring somewhat better results, however there's lack of information about permanent results. Minimum one person has died from bleeding after being operated. In addition to the risks of infection and bleeding, many other complications can have place as well.

Lengthening Procedures include:

- Scrotalisation of the penile (the latter arises from the scrotum instead of the abdominal wall).

- "Dog-ears" in the result of which Y-shaped cut is made above the penis.

- Cutting of the skin intends to lengthen the penis. As a result, the skin dies having a poor blood supply.

Girth-increasing Procedures presuppose:

- Loss of girth due to the fat re-absorption.

- Nodule formation, in case if the implanted fat can't vanish uniformly. Unfortunately, the penis can get deformed due to irregular fatty lumps.

You probably start thinking it's better to avoid any surgeries. Maybe, it will be correct.

One can also use a non-surgical technique that presupposes taking "penis enlargement pills" which are called the scam. These pills cost not so much as a surgery - about $50 per a bottle. It's advised to take these pills approximately for a year that will cost up to $600 in comparison with $4000 for the penis enhancement surgery.

The greatest advantage of penis enlargement pills is that they are made of natural ingredients, so they are less allergic than other pills. In reality, the modern market offers pills for almost anything - even those that can make you grow taller. Another advantage of these pills is that they have no negative side effects. These pills are more like vitamins which can be combined with testosterone. However, one can get intoxicated on them, so the dosage should be thoroughly followed. If you have any side effects like nausea, headache, vomiting, tension or pain in muscles and joints call a Poison Control center of visit a doctor.

The stretchers are another method of penis enlargement which is reasonably priced and can be even built in home surrounding. However, using any home-made penis enlargement device can be very dangerous as it can lead to numerous injuries and complications. Many men use these stretchers and traction devices, but they aren't widely preferred due to the great amount of time they need for exercising. But if you have a lot of free time you can try this method, but remember to follow all the recommendations and instructions and never use home-made devices. Good luck!

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