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Peace, perfect peace...

You are special,
You are special to us,
We invite you to join us in peace,
All people can be at peace,

There is a sound that engulfs and encompasses all sounds. This sound is the sound of nature, pure nature, with no human and no man made sound added. This is the sound of perfect peace, perfect balance. The sound of nature is a holy sound. A sacred sound, made by God.

Sound heals. Listening is healing.
Listening is an act of accepting healing.

Sound has a direct effect on the brain. Years of neurological testing and brain mapping have proven that sound affects our health. Brain waves are measured as electrical signals. Most people are familiar with the medical testing called EEG, brain signals which are measured as hertz (HZ). There are 4 types of electrical brain waves: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Neurologist, musicians, sleep specialist are very familiar with these wave patterns. Beta is the alert decision making stage. Alpha is an alert but relaxed stage. Theta is the healing stage; the stage 4 sleep dreaming stage. Delta is the slowest, life sustaining stage. Beautiful natural sounds and beautiful musical sounds heal physically. Machinery sounds or sounds that are one word, such as OHM or AUM, have negative vibration in the body. These one word sounds are said to be relaxing, but these disrupt inner peace and disrupt health and healing.

Throughout mankind's history people have always created rhythmic sounds, in response to God and nature. This offering-up of our self is an expression of life, as a gift to life, from joy that overflows souls. As part of God's creation on this earth, we naturally seek holy states of consciousness; from this inner place we create music: rhythms, voices, chanting, drumming. This flow in the body naturally expresses itself in movement, dance, forms of motion.

Healing is moving toward peace within. You can heal with scar tissue. You can heal with limbs removed. You can heal on multiple medicines. Healing is restoring you, your soul, your peace. Healing is restoring balance. It is not restoring perfection.

Healing can have many parts. We are one of the first medical facilities in the nation to combine medicines, neuromuscular massage, heat therapy, aroma therapy, relaxation, and neuromuscular re-education. We encourage patients to share with us any therapy or treatment that has helped. Magnets and acupuncture

Quality Time

We spend time with our patients, a lot of time. We don't cram patients into our day. We can't help you if we don't know you. We can't help you if you don't know us. Trust is so important. Trust is the value of any relationship. Trust is the foundation, and the result, of our relationship with our patients.

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