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Natural Methods of Getting a Bigger Penis - Permanent Increase of Your Penis Both in Length and Girth!

The modern industry of sexual enhancement products offers excellent methods of getting a bigger penis, as well as of getting rid of such frustrating problems as poor and short-staying erection, premature ejaculation, low appetite for sex and others. The demand for safe and affordable methods of penis girth and length increasing demonstrates constant growth. The obsession of male population with sexual performance and the penis size is not something new, something that just recently came into existence. As was discovered by the specialized studies, the stronger sex has centuries-long history of suffering from small penis size or, for instance, low sexual drive or impotence. The folk medicine of different cultures and nations all over the world, in Africa, Asia, Chine and both Americas etc., tried to find methods and remedies to overcome those irregularities - and in many cases succeeded. Present-day medicine makes good use of those findings, coming up with actually effective medications and methods for getting a bigger, harder penis and erection, as well as wholesome sexual drive and stamina.

Not many males, wanting a bigger penis, do realize that their manhood is perfectly normal and does not need any actions to be taken to increase its size. The average male's penis should be about six inches long when erected. This size is absolutely adequate to satisfy any women when having sex. Still, lots of guys have been too strongly indoctrinated by the advertisement, and lured by the popular belief of "it is size that really matters". So, this segment of sexually active men needs a bigger penis for purely cosmetic purposes, to feel more confident and to pet their macho selves.

There is another part of male population that is actually endowed with, say, very modestly sized penises (in truth they can be justly called "tiny"). For such guys the bigger penis is not a luxury, but a burning necessity. Adding a couple of extra inches to the length of their erected manhood would mean complete transformation of their miserable lives. They are to emerge from this process as new personalities, happy and confident in themselves, ready to meet the challenges of love-making with the most demanding partners. The women, you know, firmly stick to the belief of importance of the penis size for enjoyable sex.

A couple of decades ago the frustrated persons in search of a bigger penis size would even rick the penile surgery - astronomically expensive and potentially rather unsafe method of penis enlargement. The problem with the surgery was that besides being unaffordable for many potential patents this method involved ricks of suffering serious after-surgery side-effects, including permanent impotence, disfigurement, tissue damage and downwards pointing erections. Just imaging the guys who parted with their hard earned money and, as a result, got a penis, which points sideways or downward when erected! Just try making love with such a male instrument of sex!

So, those guys have had a piece of good news recently. Yes, it is actually possible to get a penis of enhanced dimension using just natural and perfectly safe methods. Today you do not have to spend a fortune on increasing the length and girth of your penis by a few inches, to make you and your partner perfectly happy in bed!

The discrimination should be made between what we call natural and not-natural penis enhancement methods. The not-natural ways include penile surgery (dealt with above) and penis size extension with the help of special devices, such as vacuum pimps and penile extenders (stretchers). The risks and disadvantages of penile surgery we have explained in the above paragraphs, so it is time to devote a couple of words to order not-natural methods of penile enlargement.

In the first place, any potential user of vacuum pumps should be given a word of caution - those devices would not help to enlarge penis, notwithstanding the fact that they are sometimes advertised as capable of such a feat! No way! Vacuum pumps were designed for helping people with erection problems. Because of various reasons some people lose natural ability to get a decent hard-on when sexually aroused. It could be a result of some medical disorder, no matter what - a vacuum pump gets you an excellent, rock-hard erection. But this enlargement effect is not permanent; it goes away with removal of the pumps from your penis shaft. No permanent size-enlargement after-effects of vacuum pumps have been recorded so far. If your goal is to get a permanent size increase - do not waste your time and money on vacuum pumps.

The penis stretchers are a completely different story. They apply gentle, carefully measured traction force to your penis in the lengthwise direction. The force stimulates the cell division inside the penis shaft tissues. As a result, the actual growth of penis shaft tissues takes place. Yes, with a penis stretcher a guy can really add 1-2-3 extra inches to its length. It seems to be a perfect method then, does it not? The problem is that a penis stretcher is not capable of adding any inches to the penis girth, and your penis can become longer, but thinner at the same side. But the girth dimension is also a critical figure for enjoyment of your partner during sex. Besides, good-quality penis extenders are not cheap.

So, what method is left for a guy looking for safe, permanent, reliable and affordable way of making his manhood more impressive both in girth and length? Does such miracle method exist?

The answer is YES!

This is the method of natural penis enlargement exercises. With this method the guys who are interested in getting a penis with longer and thicker dimensions can stop trying to locate the right method, the method that would be both effective and economical. There is no more need for them to constantly hunting for the best enlargement method anymore.

The performance results of the natural penile exercises are amazing. If you peruse the entries at the corresponding on-line forums you will witness scores of revelations and comments from actual practitioners of this enlargement system. For instance there are a lot of guys who claim length increase of 4 inches and girth increase of 1 - 1.5 inches. Those are excellent and very impressive results! You should not waste time; you should hurry to get on-line to the pertinent sites devoted to the penis exercise systems for the initial instructions. The system can be practiced absolutely for free as soon as you get the initial knowledge of the correct ways and procedures. No pills, no device, no dangerous surgery - just your hands, some lubricant and lots of self-discipline and persistence!

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