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MRI vs. CAT Scan

Dear Dr, Which is best, an MRI or CAT scan? I have a painful left shoulder, and I have heard about both types of x-rays. Is there a difference? Jane from Macon, Georgia.

Dear Jane, Thank you for writing. A CAT scan is an x-ray that shows bone and hard substances well. An MRI is an x-ray that shows soft tissue well, like muscles and tendons. Sometimes a person will have both types of x-ray if one does not show the problem. Many times, if a person has a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder, an MRI will show that problem best. When you see your doctor about your shoulder, he will probably start with one or the other of these, depending on your specific pain and his exam. Good luck with that shoulder.

Dear Dr, Help! I don't know very much about computers, or "surfing", I have found this web site by chance. Is there any simple way I can learn more about computers. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? I know this isn't the kind of question to ask, but can you help me? Ms. Jo Ellen

Dear Ms. Jo Ellen, I am glad you found us even if by chance. We are glad to help anyone with any question. A good place to start is at The American Association of Retired Persons web site. At this site visitors can read reviews of hardware, software, websites and more. Either write down this address exactly as I write it, or you can click on there now, once there you can try to mark the page as "a favorite" on your computer. It's very important not to have any open spaces in the address.

You can get to the home page of The AARP with:

If you get lost, try to get back here and we'll help you. Good surfing.

Dear Doctor, I was given Panlore for pain, but I have never heard of this before. Is this a pain medicine? Will I get addicted? I was in a car wreck 3 weeks ago, and have hurt since. What do you think? Debbie from Georgia

Dear Debbie, Thank you for writing. Were you given Panlor? Without the -e? Panlor is a quality pain medicine. I use it often. There are a few pain medicines which have little addiction potential, Panlor is one of them. Panlor works so specifically on pain without sleepiness that it is not used by drug-addicts, because it isn't any "fun". I usually keep Panlor restricted to daytime use because it can interfere with sleep, only because it has a little caffeine in it. I think you will find it to be a quality medicine.

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