What You Need To Know While Purchasing A Vintage Ring

As far as it is known it has become a good tradition to give a young girl a diamond ring for engagement. However, a lot of people today choose another option though it really seems strange and unusual. They choose to purchase vintage emerald engagement rings...

Learn To Play The Violin With Five Tips

It may happen so that a person has recently visited a classical concert and enjoyed the sounds of the violin to such an extent that now he or she has a great desire to learn how to play the violin. Undoubtedly, it's recommended to take up violin lessons from an experienced violin teacher. It's no matter where you're going to take your violin lessons - in Singapore or in London as well as what nationality your violin teacher is. What really matters is the following five tips describing how to play the violin.

Hold the violin correctly

How should be a violin held you may ask. With your left hand place the neck of the violin at the crook between your thumb and second finger. At the first stage of your learning you won't need to worry about fingering the violin strings. What you need more is to master the right posture and the basic bowing techniques.

Master the right posture

First of all, an individual should master the right posture when holding a violin and a violin bow. No matter either you're teaching yourself to play the violin, or you're learning how to play the violin with a violin teacher, stand in front of a mirror in the course of your violin lesson. Observe your posture looking into the mirror during your violin lesson and try to stand straight.

Hold the violin bow correctly

Hot to hold a violin bow correctly? You'll need to place your thumb at the groove of the frog of the bow and your little finger should be placed at the end of the bow. The other fingers rest around the frog of the bow. Usually, they hold the violin with the left hand and the violin bow with the right hand. And while playing the violin, the violin bow acts as a natural movement of your hand. Check yourself: if you hold the violin bow correctly, your fingers won't spasm or ache.

Purchase and apply a violin shoulder rest

The violin shoulder rest is specially designed to prevent spasms of your neck while playing the violin. The most famous violin shoulder rests are FOM, Kun, and Wolf brands. You may also find shoulder rests for people with longer neck while other shoulder rests have the size according to the size of the violin. Choose the one that's the most suitable for you. After buying your violin shoulder rest, fix it to the base of your violin. The violin should be easily balanced between your chin and collarbone.

Learn to bow your violin

You need to bow your violin right in the centre between the bridge and finger board. Then play a long up bow on one string, followed by a long down bow on the next string. Move your arm straight up and down while bowing. Keep in mind: your arms should be relaxed.

Those were the basics of playing the violin.