What You Need To Know While Purchasing A Vintage Ring

As far as it is known it has become a good tradition to give a young girl a diamond ring for engagement. However, a lot of people today choose another option though it really seems strange and unusual. They choose to purchase vintage emerald engagement rings...

Australian Silky Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

Australian Silky Terrier is one of the smallest among working dogs. It's used as a shepherd, guard, hunter for snakes and rodents, as well as just as a good companion. This is a tireless worker on the farm and responsible watchdog.

The ancestors of the breed were the Yorkshire terrier and Australian terrier, which in turn came from imported to Australia wirehaired terriers. According to the records of the American Kennel Club, this breed appeared in the late XIX century. Initially it was known as the Sydney Silky, as it appeared in this city. Dogs living in Australia are mostly workers and service dogs, and the typical Silky Terrier is a companion, although it is known that it can kill snakes. The lifespan of the dog is usually about 11-12 years.

How Much Does an Australian Silky Terrier Cost and Price Range

The price for this nice pet will be rather high-about $1000 due to the difficulty to find it in some countries. That's why the price will depend on the breeder and the place where you are going to buy it. In any case, it is worth its price.

Australian Silky Terrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

This dog is well-built, stocky, thick, but had a short stature. Its height does not exceed 26 cm, weight is up to 6.5 kg.

Its exterior is stretched a little, its appearance is unassuming and a bit rude. It has a long head with a flat forehead, ears are erect, eyes are dark, nose is black.

Long straight rough hair covers dog except the tail. At the top you will notice the soft tuft. The color is sand, dark gray, reddish-brown with blue saddlecloth and silver or black with tan on head and legs.

Australian Silky Terrier Breed, Information and Facts

Silky Terrier is intelligent, neat and compact dog, it would be enough space for it in a standard city apartment. It will look forward to daily walks and will be happy to meet you from work. The nature of Silky Terrier is flexible, it is very much attached to its master, gets along well with people, enjoys playing with children and animals. But if you handle it roughly or frequently offend, Terrier can become harmful and unmanageable.

It knows that it is the favorite of the family, so do not indulge all his whims and desires, or over time, it will be impossible to change something in its behavior. Silky Terrier is always active and cheerful, it is a true athlete that will easily learn a variety of tricks with pleasure.